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The scene of education institutions in the field of eye care is one of the fastest developing sectors globally. This trend has enabled large masses to become degree holders and qualified professionals in this sector. Unfortunately, this boom has its downside. In the way of the world, that more in number means less in value, the same with graduates in business. As the number of people with basic degrees is on the rise, now employers look for an added resume line of an international institution. These individuals are picked first, paid higher and have better prospects, further urging the brain drain to various foreign lands.  In this fast-paced competitive world, where opening and opportunities are plenty for a graduate in business studies, BEM has to be considered as the best to ace individual ability in marketing, administration, finance, sales and all other sectors of any business development. On acquiring the BEM degree the candidate will be perfectly fit to tackle any managerial roles and entrepreneurship. Either way, a journey of thousand miles begins with one step.
Course Duration
Career Opportunity
Course Highlights
Learning Modules

  • Class XII (10+2 level) in any stream from a recognized educational board or university.
Course Duration

  • The course shall be extended over a period of three years comprising of six semesters with two semesters in one academic year. Examination shall be conducted at the end of every semester for the respective subjects.
Career Opportunity
There is always a high demand for business professionals in eye care because of the growing need for optical care for the aging population. Thanks to this demand, BEM remains one of the most highly paid professions with good job mobility, career prospects and job safety around the globe, offering ample number of opportunities to work in many different roles such as
  •  Optical Manager
  •  Hospital Manager
  •  Lens Company Manager
  •  Frame Company Manager, etc
Course Highlights
  • Internationaly recogenized Course 
  • Dual degree program 
  • Skill Oriented training in the hospital as internship as well as externship
  • Blooms Taxonomy learning system
  • Clinical postings in our hospitals at   Kannur,Calicut and Perinthalmanna
  • Curriculum is blended with practical workshops and community based activities.
Learning Modules

The course helps in assessing and grading the candidates knowledge and skills required in basic and clinical sciences of Optometry & Management. The examination is conducted in three parts:
● Project Based Evaluation

● Project Based Viva or Formative Assessment

● Continues Activity Evaluation

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